Saturday, May 28, 2005

More Phishing

Since the last blog I have had three more attempts at phishing information out of me. They have now escalated in that my Ebay account is now suspended. That is quite amusing as I don't have an Ebay account.

This week when I logged on the my bank account the bank had a note about phishing and the bank had an email id and a 1-888 number to report any phishing. Check your banks, insurance companies, telcos, etc for information on how to report phishing attempts.

The number of attempts are going up and the phishing notes quality is starting to improve (unfortunately). Remember any legit company you do business with will never ask you to retype any personal information again because of a fraud attempt, system upgrade, etc. If you want to verify go to the web site yourself, never use the attached link.


Make that four more attempts. I got one that purported to be from Wells Fargo. Very similar text to a few of the others, but, this had spelling errors. The attempt was forwarded to Wells Fargo. Keep this in mind, don't delete the note, forward it. If you do this we have a good chance that they can shut down the sites before too many people get hurt. Yes, they will go elsewhere and start again, but, why make it easy for them. These people are the cockroaches of the internet and deserve to be exposed and shut down fast and hard.

If you think that these attempts don't cost you anything, think again.
  1. It takes bandwith and disk space of your ISP for these notes.
  2. It takes your time & effort to delete these notes.
  3. Real people may actually fall for these type of mesages and their identity and money are stolen.
  4. The businesses affected have to incurr costs and these costs are passed on to you in one form or another.

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