Saturday, November 21, 2015

Latest Win10 update and annoyances

The latest Windows 10 update was installed on the netbook without an issue.  It is a older and slower Netbook and the update took about four hours.  For modern and faster machines it should install in a fraction of the time.  Once it was done and I rebooted it ran without a problem.  Again, I don't notice any slowdown on the machine and what I normally use still works.

The annoyance is on my Windows 8.1 laptop.  Microsoft keeps 'nagging' me to update, but, right now I don't think I want to.  I don't like the idea that they force upgrades/updates and I have no choice.  The other things is it keeps 'phoning home' on things and I don't have a chance there.  The last annoyance is in Windows update as Microsoft keeps checking the upgrade when I don't want to upgrade.  Not a major problem, I just uncheck it.