Friday, May 06, 2005

More Linux Distros

I read another review of a live Linux CD. Kanotix is the name. It appears to have all of the tools I use when helping people recover their machines after something happens in Windows. I will have to try this out on the server and see how it handles an older machine. Since a number of current distros had a problem with the servier the server is the perfect test machine. I prefer the live CD option first so I don't have to rebuild the server from scratch (again) before I put Linux permanently on the server. If it doesn't work I may just find a new home for the machine and pick up an inexpensive refurb and make a server out of the machine.

The functions I want the server for is:
  1. Backup of data from the other home machines in the network.
  2. Backup to CD of any critical files.
  3. Share the printers between machines in the network.
  4. Shared hard drive space for common files.

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