Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mandrake 2005 LE

Well it is finally out and the download sites are running at a respectable speed. Over the last few days I upgraded the box to 10.2. XMMS is still not in, but, Amarok seems to be a good alternative. The only thing negative is that GKRELLM needs some of the XMMS libraries for the plugin RPM to install.

KDE is stable and I think I will be standardizing on that at home to make supporting the machines easier for me. I have not seen any performance improvements with 10.2, and more importantly I didn't notice any slowdowns on the new release.

I will be leaving my main work machine running for at least a week and then if there are no problems I will be upgrading the other boxes to the same version.

Installation like always was a snap and after one hour I had a working machine with all of the packages I need to browse, read email, play music and burn CDs and many more packages.

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