Thursday, July 09, 2015

Facebook and Android - Updated

I am a frequent Facebook user.  I like the way to keep in touch with friends and family and the rare chat.  The thing I don't like about Facebook for Android is that it is a pig on resources.  I have a Huawei cell phone and it has very limited memory.  Facebook and the messenger app takes almost 200 megs for the app itself and a lot of memory when running.  It is the same on the Google Nexxus device I have.  I looked around for a replacement as when I tried to download and install updates on the phone I didn't have enough free space.  The other problem is that at times it would take over a minute to launch at times when all I want to do is quickly log in, see if there are any updates from family and then log off.

There are a good number of apps on Google play and I tried a number of them and quickly uninstalled them.  I won't name them, but, full page add on start is not a way to get me to use it long term.  I understand the need to make money, but, a small ad at times would not be a bad thing.  Others took up the bottom 20% of the phone and cycled continuous ads.  Again, I understand the need to make money, but, that chews up my monthly data limit each month. 

I finally found an app that looks good, no ads, small (200k) and did what I needed it to do.  The app is 'Social Lite' and it looks like the web version of Facebook.  It launches within a few seconds (even on the cell phone), uses minimal memory (76 megs on the tablet when running) and very responsive when touching various items.  I haven't tried to upload photos yet, but, when I do that I am usually on my laptop as that is where most of my photos are stored.  Facebook is launching a 'lite' version for other countries, but, not here.  I don't understand why they have to have a massive app with every bell & whistle when I don't use most of that on my Android devices.

I will be playing with this for a while and if it looks good I will be upgrading Jane.  She really hates the massive impact the Android App has on her machine and when it runs in the background it also has an impact on her online gaming.

Update 2015/07/12

I installed Social Lite on Jane's machine and so far she loves it.  When she clicks on the icon it is there in about 5 seconds.  She is playing games and she will be letting me know if there is an improvement on the responsiveness of the games without Facebook running in the background.  What we all love is that she gets back almost 200 megs of storage space.