Sunday, June 05, 2005

Phishing & Spam

Today was a real low for emails. My Yahoo account had forty-two emails from Saturday morning until today (Sunday). Of the forty-two only one was a legit message and that was a reply from Paypal about my forwarded note on a phishing attempt. Of the forty-one messages there were three more attempts of phishing and two of those claimed to be from 'Paypal'. The other was claiming to be from another bank. Thirty-eight were porno spam. Just a click select all of those messages and a delete and they were gone. This is why people are probably getting turned off, they have to spend their valuable time getting rid of garbage. This is like having a telemarketer call you collect or junk mail sent postage due.

I hope that the Canadian government takes a good look at the report of the national task force on spam. You can read more at The only upside to all of this spam is that it is on my Yahoo account and not my mail personal email address.

Two of the recommendations that I like and I quote:
There should be an appropriate private right of action available to persons, both individuals and corporations. There should be meaningful statutory damages available to persons who bring civil action.

The businesses whose products or services are being promoted by way of spam should also be held responsible for the spamming. Responsibility should also rest with other third-party beneficiaries of spam.

I like the thought of going after the spammers (if they are in Canada) and make them pay for wasting my time.

If your ISP offers mail filtering take a good look at it and save yourself some time & effort deleting the obvious garbage.

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