Thursday, January 08, 2009

Linux and Tax software - 2009

The words 'Tax Software Linux' seems to be a fairly popular search topic. A large number of hits to this blog are people using the previous mentioned search words, or variants of those words. I also have started my search this year to see who has Linux versions of the tax software. My first site was Intuit and my searching there didn't find any mention of a Linux version. I followed this up by sending an email to the customer service email account. Within a day I received a reply from Intuit and to quote the email:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Intuit Canada.

Unfortunately, QuickTax desktop software is not compatible with the Linux systems.

It would be greately appreciated if you can send a direct feedback at

This will enable us to re-think about desktop version for Linux computers.

Please feel free to contact us, If you require any further assistance.

Have a nice day!

xxxxxxxxxxx (I blanked out the name of the person here)
Intuit Canada
The nice part is that if you notice in the reply is that they have provided an email address for feedback. I have sent them a note asking if/when they will be doing a Linux version. So far I have not received any reply, but, if you are interested I would suggest you use the feedback email id and send them a note.