Sunday, May 01, 2005

Spam, spam and more spam

When will they learn. Today my yahoo account was flooded with 20+ pieces of obvious spam. They purport to be about a company trading in the stock DGCP.OB. The company appears to be traded (over the counter ... '.OB' is your clue), but, the mail is obviously trying to pump up the interest and get people to buy the stock.

If you get an email from anyone from the server '' it is probably less than legit. Who in their right mind would take the advice of a person who has an email with that type of domain name?

For me in Yahoo it is real simple. I scanned the Bulk mail folder to make sure that nothing legit was in it, I then clicked 'Empty'. However, the economics of bulk email is such that all they need is one or two people per 1,000 to make a profit.

Where did they get my Yahoo id? It is real simple. I routinely post in the SCOX forum and it is a simple matter to use a PERL script to harvest the messages and email ids. I know for a fact that this is possible as I have a script that I use to capture & archive my own forum messages. It takes me about 15 minutes to run. Am I worried that I get a lot of spam? No,
  1. The Yahoo id is a 'throw-away', if it gets too bad I will delete it and create another.
  2. Yahoo has a fairly good spam filter and obvious spam gets moved into the bulk folder.
  3. I use the yahoo id for registration cards. If the marketers use it for their spam my own personal email id won't get hit.
  4. I protect who gets my real email id so the spam in minimal there.
If you don't already have a Yahoo, Gmail or hotmail account I would recommend it and your home email should see a decrease in spam.

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