Friday, April 13, 2007

PCLinuxOS Test Release 3

I updated my daughter's machine from Mandriva to test release 3 of PCLinuxOS. I figured that if an eight year old can use it and not crash it too bad then it is a fairly stable release. So far I have not had one crash and a very happy eight year old as she now has all of the cool games that is on her mother's machine. Since it is now in our office I hooked her up to the network and she can play online games, but, only the games that I give her permission to run.

She has been playing Runscape, Barbie, Club Penguin using Firefox and has not had a problem. She now prefers being on her machine and her mother is very happy getting her machine back fulltime. I noticed that they are talking about a test release four and I will install that when it becomes available.

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