Thursday, February 22, 2007

PCLinux OS Test Release 2

For the past week I have been playing with the second test release of PCLinuxOS. From what I can see I don't see much difference between the two versions. I did a bit more testing and I liked what I see. They did do a bit of cleanup on the graphical side and it looks quite nice. The problems with XSANE running in V0.93 and the workabounds are gone and a normal userid can start scanning without any problems (forgot to take a screen print there).

CD Burning is there and worked off the start without a problem. I didn't do a burn as I have only one CD drive in the system and I was using the live CD for this.

The next thing on my list was to launch Firefox and play a Java based game (Runescape). The only problem was that Java didn't work. I went over to the PCLinuxOS site and found that this was a known problem. All I had to do was download and install libstdc++5. This was a snap with Synaptic and the process was completely painless.

Once that was done I tried again and the Java based game started running without a problem. When I previously tried to do this the map wouldn't launch. Going back to V0.93 I had the same problem. I turned on the trace and found that there was a Java error. I forwarded a note to the website. I guess they have a number of others using Linux with the same problem and they fixed the problem. This is a major bonus as you really need the map at times to help you navigate throughout the virtual world. The rendering and display did take a bit of time so be patient. It took about 30 seconds on my system.

All of the photos here was captured without a problem and stored on disk. The sizes were changed from 1024x768 to 640x480 to keep the image sizes down using GIMP. The editor itself launched a bit slow, but, that is expected when using CD and not a hard drive.

The only problems I had was with the USB memory stick not being recognized, but, I think that may be due to me having too many items in the BUS and it was not a powered BUS.

The distro at this point looks solid for me and I am looking forward to Texstar making this a final release so I can then upgrade my home systems to use this distribution.

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