Friday, April 27, 2007

PCLinuxOS Test Release 4

TexStar has released the fourth and final release of PCLinuxOS. I will be downloading and trying this out on the weekend. I have not had any problems with TR3 on my daughter's machine or as a live CD. There are a few updates and an update to the kernel. The one update I want to really test out is the Java as my daughter plays a web based game using Java and one of the options does not work properly.

The live CD works quite well on my work laptop (Dell Latitude D610) or my home machine. The first test on the new CD will be using my work laptop. I like the live CD as it gives me an excellent tool in an emergency in that I have web access, CD Burner and the OpenOffice suite.

I will be testing a number of things, namely:
  • WEB Cam
  • Digital Camera
  • USB Keys
  • USB hard drive
  • USB Printer

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