Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yesterday I installed TR4 on my daughter's machine. I gave her a Compaq 1.7 Ghz machine for her birthday so I re-imaged the machine with Linux and wiped out Windows XP as there is nothing that she needs in Windows that we cannot do in Linux. The machine is a standard P4, 1.7 Ghz, 512Mb, 40Gb HD and a CD. Her old P3 666Mhz machine I will re-image and remove the windows partition from that and make a simple server out of it.

The CD booted easily into the live CD and I ran the script to install. The install routine detected that I had Windows XP installed and asked if I wanted to wipe the whole partition. I let the installer handle the partitioning and in 30 minutes I had a working machine. Running through the various options I noticed that it detected our other two machines and the shared printers and configured her machine to use them. I installed all the games I could find and there was a new educational game that I also installed. She was running the machine without a problem and playing her online games as before, but, gloating that her machine was faster than mine.

The machine was updated with the 8 patches (at that time) and I turned off all of the services that she didn't need to have run. Later I will have to install the firewall and make sure that she can only go to sites that I approve. She has the OpenOffice suite for school homework and the latest version of Scribus if she wants to do DTP.

In closing the TR4 version is quite a solid distro and in my less than humble opinion ready as a general release rather than a test release.

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