Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Windows 10 & Drivers - What a pain

Last week I wanted to use my scanner to make a copy of my various medical receipts.  The Epson Perfection 1650 worked well in Windows 7, minor tweaks in 8.1.  In Windows 10 it doesn't work at all.  It sees the scanner, but, does not recognize the driver.  This is a major annoyance as this is a fairly recent scanner.  I checked Epson and they don't support it.  The options are to move it to the laptop with Linux (wife's machine so I have to wait until she isn't using it) or buy a new scanner.

I checked a number of stores and most don't stock stand-alone scanners as they prefer multi-function machines.  I understand their reason as they get return business for replacement ink cartridges.  The problem is that I have 2 printers.  One is a color ink-jet and the other is a laser so I don't need a third printer.

Why do manufacturers abandon hardware when a new O/S comes out?  i know it costs a bit of money, but, if you design the driver properly it should be moderately easy to port.  If not why don't they open up the specs so hobbiests have an easier time of writing drivers?

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