Thursday, March 17, 2016

Netbook is now Linux

The run with Win10 on the netbook is over.  It was fine, but, I get nervous seeing how many pieces of the system call home for stuff I can't control or turn off.  That and I want to be in control on what gets upgraded and not have it forced on me.  I have been using Linux for years on a variety of machines and it was easy to convert this machine.

The conversion took only an hour and I was up-and-running.  The distro I am using is LUBUNTU and it is quite light on the machine.  I had to make a few changes.  The default word processor and spreadsheet were replaced with LibreOffice.  I prefer it as my Windows laptop runs it and it is easier to work with when I have only one app to keep up-to-date.  Same with GIMP for both machines.  I did remove light-locker and replace it with xscreensaver.  For the system monitor I put on GKRELLM.  To make things work I had to modify the startup via LXSession configuration.  One other quirk was that the touchpad would always start every time I log in and not respect my settings.  That was easy to fix on the start in LXSession.  To do screen captures I had to install Gnome Screenshot as the screen shot key doesn't seem to work.  All of the software is in the Synaptic Package Manager.

Modify startup for my preferences

The best part is it takes about one minute to start up the machine and about 10 seconds to do a complete shutdown.  Windows startup was around 2 minutes and at least a minute for shutdown.

Current screen looks like the image below.

My main screen setup
 Once I got the basics set up I then launched the software updater facility.  It downloaded everything, installed, cleaned up, rebooted and I got the latest version of LUBUNTU.

The only package so far I couldn't find was the driver for my Brother print/scanner.  Upside is that Brother does support Linux and I could download and install the files.  Once there I configured my printer without too much effort.  I had to use the IP address, but, once filled in the printer worked without issue.  The next thing I have to check out is the scanner option.  I also have an Epson Scanner that I want to see if it works on the machine too.  Windows 10 would not support it and I was thinking of buying a new scanner, but, if the netbook recognizes it I can save money by not purchasing a new scanner.

Brother printer/scanner recognized

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