Saturday, March 26, 2016

A week in and tweaking LUBUNTU to fit

Now that I have been using LUBUNTU for a week I am now tweaking the system to make it easier for me.  If there is something I do more than once I want to automate it, even if it is a one line command.

I created a couple of folders and dropped in shortcuts or scripts of what I do.  Nothing earthshaking, but, they make my life easier.  One folder are one line commands.  XTERM with settings I prefer to work with, midnight commander and top.  After I get it all tweaked to the way I want the next thing is to learn how to add these to the menu.  Can I improve the scripts, yes!  This is just the start.

My Tools folder for building desktop shortcuts

Desktop setup for midnight commander

Midnight commander with font/colors I prefer
Midnight commander
In windows you can do something similar with shortcuts, but, I like linux as I can tweak things to work in exactly the way I want with simple text files and bash.  As things go on I will be building more and more tools to automate my work.  I do this where I work and I have a large toolkit there that automates almost all of my mainframe work that I have to do on a regular basis.

Update 1 - 2016/03/27:

Yay, I found out how to add entries to the menu.  Right now it is to the Other folder, but, that is a good step.  I had to copy my applications to */.local/share/applications and they showed up in menu.

My Menu now shows my apps


Update 2 - 2016/03/28:

Minor update, I added KATE to my editors.  I like it as it is small, fast, light and does what I need a code editor to do.

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