Saturday, February 02, 2008

Adding new hardware - Update

After posting all of the things I did for installing the new PCI soundcard I figured I should put up a few screen prints showing the system and the configuration settings I used to make it work in LInux.

The first image on the right is a high level shot showing the version of KDE in use and the Linux kernel version.

The second screen print shows the KDE settings that I used. I let the system autodetect the card as I was using ALSA.

The third screen shows the overall hardware of the system. It autodetected the card as a 'Vortex'.

When I select the 'Vortex' you will see the settings in screen print 4.

Running the config option on this will show the settings I used for that card in screen 5.


Xavier Cheung said...

There's a newer KDE version has been released yet,right?

Thomas Traynor said...

Yes, there is newer versions. My daughter's KDE version is stable and it is good enough for her to play games on. KDE 3.5 is out and 4 is available if you are adventerous.

See WWW.KDE.ORG for more information and the version of KDE that is shipped with the various distributions.