Sunday, January 27, 2008

Adding new hardware

My daughter's machine has an integrated sound card which works fine for most things. The only problem is for some of the Java based games where there is no sound. For the last year her choice was to live with no sound or if my wife was not using her machine then play on that machine.

When going through my spare part bin I found an old sound card from a Compaq machine I stripped down. It was a PCI card and I checked my daughter's machine to see if it had a spare slot. It did have a spare slot and I installed the card. I didn't completely close up the box just in case Linux didn't recognize the card. When I booted I did get a message that AUMIX was not found. I went into the control center and selected 'Hardware'. In hardware I went to the 'Configure Hardware' area and then I picked the soundcard area. All I had to do was pick the right driver for the card and then I shut down the machine. I probably didn't need to do that, but, I had to close up the box and reconnect the cables and that was the safest thing to do.

When the machine rebooted we had sound. The last thing I had to do was select the master channel in KMIX and the sound card worked perfectly. We now have complete sound in all of the Java based games.

Total time for doing this fix: 15 minutes.
Total cost: $0.00

If you are having problems with sound with an integrated system you can check out using a PCI sound card if you have a free PCI slot available. The cards go for around $30 for new, or, if you have spares then you can recycle an old card.


Clayton said...

Wow, congrats! Every now and then reality and theory pretty much see eye to eye and stuff just works!

I'm doing something I'd have thought easier than what you did, but it ain't goin'.
Brand new PCLinuxOS2007 Gnome-2.21.2 virtual machine.
I brought it up as it was by default w/ no virtual sound card and after all was installed, added the virtual sound card. HardDrake sees the virtual card and calls it a Sound Blaster and says it uses the snd-ens1371 driver, but it doesn't "go".
The sound config in the control panel and the mixer keep giving messages about not having a device to write to. I'm in 'audio' in /etc/group.

I'm not reallllly posting for tech support, but I wanted to let you know you've got a jealous stranger somewhere on the other side of the internet cloud :-)

Congrats on your slick sound setup!


Thomas Traynor said...

I was lucky, it was a generic PCI card from a COMPAQ machine. The difference for me is that we are using KDE and not Gnome. You may want to play with either ALSO or OSS as one of the settings and see how that works.