Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PCLinux V0.93a and XSANE

It looks like I may have spoke too soon about XSANE. I did a reboot of the system and when I launched XSANE it wanted to run in root mode. I remember that in V0.92 that when I had the same problem I deleted all of the sane modules and re-installed and it worked so I figured I would try the same for V0.93a.

I launched the PCLINUXOS Control Center and clicked on the System Icon. I then picked the add/update/delete packages option (Synaptic). I then did a search on SANE in 'Names and descriptions'. When it came back I deleted the following packages:
  • libsane1
  • sane-backends
  • sane-frontends
  • saned
  • xsane
After that was finished I then re-installed all of the packages. When I ran XSANE it then did not bring up the warning about running in root.

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