Sunday, November 05, 2006

It has been quiet

The nice part about Linux is that it just runs. No worrying about viruses, trojans or other nasties getting in the system like I do with my Windows laptop for work. Not that I don't patch and secure my Linux boxes, I do keep them up-to-date. I do get people trying to hack in to my Linux FTP server, but, they have not got passed the security to-date. I keep the Linux virus scanner up-to-date so I can scan the USB memory sticks that I use on the Windows machine. It does not hurt to have multiple ways of verifying that your files are clean.

My wife is now starting to use Scribus more and more and she is starting to like the package. There is a learning curve there and we needed to 'unlearn' what we do in MS Publisher. She is now starting to push the machine and is doing things that I wasn't sure how to do in Linux. She is comfortable enough to explore and play knowing that she won't totally hose her system like she can do in Windows.

Now that Mandriva 2007 is out I will let it 'mature' a bit more before seeing about upgrading my wife's machine. I figure a couple of months will allow Mandriva to find and fix any of the quirks before I upgrade.

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