Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Upgrade to PCLinux V0.93a

After the 'fun' I had on the V0.93 upgrade I was a lot more cautious on this upgrade. I let a bit of time pass for the V0.93a pass before trying to install. The first thing I did was boot the CD and log in as guest and work through the XSANE and K3B before installing on my box. The distro worked without a problem so I figured it is now safe to upgrade my main box. The boot from the CD is almost as fast as from the hard drive. All of the screens here are 320x256 and was captured on my digital camera to give you an idea of a few screens during the installation and upgrading. The quality is low and you can see the horizontal refresh lines.

Once the system was up I was presented with the logon screen. This time around I selected root as I was going to do the installation. I also remembered to set one of my partitions to '/mnt/pclinuxos' and let the installation start. The partition option is almost idiot proof. I selected custom as I wanted to see if I can install and keep my old 'home' directory intact so I don't have to do a restore from backup. The installation went very smooth and within 30 minutes I had a working installation.

When the installation was done I rebooted the machine and logged in. The nice part is that all of my settings and files are still there. I didn't have to do a restore which is nice.

I then verified that XSANE and K3B worked I started to do the patching. So far the system seems to be stable and it has a good number of games that my wife is interested in playing. I will let her look and play and she likes this I will then migrate her from Mandriva to PCLINUX. The only one I won't probably upgrade is my daughter as the default distro does not have all of the games, I have to download them and her machine is not linked to the internet.

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