Saturday, December 09, 2006

Upgrade to PCLinux V0.93a - Part 2

Today I upgraded my wife's machine from Mandriva to PCLinuxOS 0.93a in less than one hour. I learned from all of my problems when I installed to my machine. I spent another 45 minutes applying the patches and adding the various packages my wife wanted on her machine. So far she is quite happy with the machine and it feels more reponsive when running her applications.

Since she does not need SANE I removed all of the packages and disabled the PCMCIA options. I tweaked the system so that only services she needs runs. The major bonus is that her Canon IP3000 worked smoothly this time around. I used the BJC7000 driver. Profile one is in 300x300 dpi mode and profile two is in 600x600 dpi mode. The last time I configured it in Mandriva it took me almost one hour to get the configuration down, PCLinuxOS did it in less than five minutes.

My daughter is also quite pleased with the upgrade. She plays online games on my machine, but, has a friend over and it was a real pain for them to share the machine. Now both machines can play the same game networked together.

My last task is now to take the CD and run it on my daughter's machine and let her play with it there. Her machine is not connected to the Net and I want to make sure that the packages that are on the CD is all that she needs. We don't allow her direct access, she must use either my machine or my wife's machine while we are present.

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