Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Interesting Browser and OS statistics

If you look at the bottom of this blog you will see a counter for the visitors to this blog. The counter does more than count the number of visitors it also keeps track of where the ISP is, OS used and browser used along with other bits and pieces. When I review the log I was struck by the OS and browser stats. Of course being a Linux blog I would expect to see high percentages of anything but Microsoft products. However, I have another blog on gardening and the numbers even though they are small are startling.

As of 2006/10/18 for this blog I had 57 visits.

  • Windows 63.15%
  • Linux 33.34%
  • OS X 1.75%
  • Other 1.75%
  • IE 28.57%
  • Firefox 58.93%
  • Konqueror 10.75%
  • Opera 1.79%
  • Netscape 0%
  • Mozilla 0%
  • Safari 0%

For my blog on gardening the stats are for 70 visits.

  • Windows 69.99%
  • Linux 15.71%
  • OS X 12.86%
  • Other 1.43%
  • IE 54.29%
  • Firefox 30.00%
  • Konqueror 0%
  • Opera 0%
  • Netscape 1.43%
  • Mozilla 2.86%
  • Safari 10.00%

Those numbers are quite startling for me especially on the gardening site. While the absolute numbers are small they should be troubling for Microsoft as more and more people are not using Microsoft products. I have more numbers for my Google home page, but, those numbers are skewed in favour of Linux and Firefox as only family members use that page and we tend to use Linux and Firefox.

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