Saturday, April 08, 2006

More phishing

For the last week I have been getting a number (seven) phishing attempts that claim to be from CHASE. Again, don't respond to requests from any company that asks you to re-enter your personal information by clicking on the link provided no matter what the story is. Go straight to the site yourself or better yet call them up on the phone and check.

Here is a copy of the email and I will highlight all of the errors in red that they made in the message.

Dear Chase Member,

This email is to inform you, that we are upgrading our ways of security and your account may have been compromised by other parties.

Our terms and conditions you agreed to state that your account must always be under your control or those you designate at all times. We have noticed some
unusual activity in our research due upgrading related that your account indicates that other parties may have access and or control of your details in your account.

These parties have been involved with money laundering, illegal drugs, terrorism and various Federal Title 18 violations.

Your will need to re-enter some imformations about your account for advanced verification and to let us know that your are aware of this violation and due this way we can stop the outside parties.

We won't require your ATM PIN number for this operation!

Please follow this link to complete your security verification and protect your account :

Update your account now.

Please be aware, if you don't upgrade your account this will lead to money loss and we will have no other liability for your account or any transactions that may have occurred lately.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter .

© 2006 JPMorgan Chase & Co.

I removed the link on 'Update your account now'. When you get such a message check the address that the link leads to you will notice that it will not be to the site that the message claims to be from.

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