Friday, April 28, 2006

Current state of SPAM

Last year they trumpted that the CANSPAM act in the U.S. will improve the state of email. The number of unsolicited commercial emails (UCE), porn spam, scams and such would decrease. Well they were wrong, for a month or so after the act went in the mail did improve, but, now I am getting even more crap deposited in my inbox. Not only my Yahoo is spammed, but, my Goggle mail and my Sympatico account is spammed on a regular basis (though not as much as Yahoo).

I have been keeping track of the Yahoo account and here is a short summary of legit email:

January - 42.7%
February - 49.6%
March - 38.3%
April - 27.6%

So far out of 1455 messages only 553 were legit. There were 50 phishing attempts and the rest were UCE, porn and scams. In my not very humble opinion the law is almost completely useless. Spammers just moved their operations to where U.S. law does not apply, fired up their bot nets and let fly with their spam like usual.

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