Saturday, March 25, 2006

Main machine back to PCLINUXOS

For the last two weeks I have been back using PCLINUXOS on my main machine/server. The other two machines are still Mandriva. I moved back as the distro is more responsive in my opinion and has more up-to-date packages. My wife and daughter stayed with Mandriva as there are more games that they like to play. It all comes down to personal tastes.

I liked PCLINUXOS enough to put my money down and support the package. If you are using Linux yourself think about supporting the distro that you are using. This will allow the person(s) who are putting a huge amount of time a bit of cash to help keep working on the product.

I may eventually migrate the other two machines. I don't like the fact of how they treated Gael Duval when he was let go from Mandriva. He was in my not humble opinion the reason that Mandriva got to be so popular. I hope that his new enterprise Ulteo does take off. That and IMNSHO Mandriva is getting too big and bloated. It is a wonderful distro and is a snap to install and administer, but, it has way too much and suffers for that.

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