Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spam flood

This evening I checked my Yahoo account like normal. I normally have five to twenty email messages a day with about three-quarters of them being spam. Well this evening I had eighty-three messages with only one, yes one, being legit. As I am running Linux I am fairly certain that I didn't get a trojan or virus, but, I am scanning my system anyways. It appears that the bot nets are in full flood spamming and that has me wondering what new and disgusting exploit are they trying to use to add to their nets?

Update 2006-05-01:

In the last three days I have one hundred and forty-five emails and only two were legit. There must be something going on in the bot world. One hundred and twenty of them were for porn and I automatically delete them without even reading them. They may be hoping that the curious will eventually click on the message.

If your ISP offers spam filters make use of them! The filters may accidentally classify legit email as spam, but, you should be able to redefine it as legit later on. If you are on dial-up, using the filter will allow you to keep your mail pickup times to a minimum. You can then use the web mail interface (the ISP has one doesn't it?) to review the subject line of the mail and the sender of the mail flagged as spam so you can pick out the ones you actually want to receive.

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