Saturday, August 27, 2016

Android blogger app - minor issue & fix

I have an Android tablet I use for email, Facebook, Twitter and light blogging.  The App I use is Blogger from Google.  I like it as it is simple and fast and normally very stable.  Today when I was syncing up my latest blogs I got an error with the account and it wanted me to add one.  I tried to add back in my current Google account, but, it wouldn't let me.  The fix was to uninstall the app and reinstall.  When it is reinstalled it will ask me for what account and I selected my main Google account.  Once that was done I got my blog and posts back.

I like the app as it allows me to do a quick backup to my Android device and I can quickly compose a blog when traveling and don't have network access.  I don't need all the bells and whistles, just be able to compose the basic text of the blog.  When I have access to a network I use my Linux laptop to clean up the blog and add any images required.  The images are stored in my Google Drive so I have the images where ever I go even if I don't have my laptop.  When I get the laptop I then run my Linux Bash script to sync the local drive with Google drive.

Next up is to do more reading about Blogger and see if there is a way I can script a backup of my blogs to the Linux machine so I don't lose my work.

Update:  I found there is a backup option.  Google has a post on how to do this.  It worked, but, it is a massive XML file.

Update 2:  There is a facility called Google Takeout.  It allows you to backup more than just blogger. You pick off what you want to backup and then it builds a ZIP file that they will send you a link to download the file.  Time to test this out.

Starting to build the backup

Waiting for that email, USB stick is ready!

Received the email that the backup is ready.  It is two files and several gigs for each.  This is a nice tool that allows you to backup your data.

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