Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Spam milestone

It has been a while since I wrote about spam. I keep track of all my Yahoo mail as it is the worst. As of today I received 1,600 legit emails. The only problem is that I received 5,628 spams in that same period of time. For every legit email I get in excess of four spams. This is constant for every month, the only exception was in May when 92% of the email was spam.

My GMail account gets about 30+ spams per week and my personal email account gets one or two per month. One suggestion to those who are trying to 'regulate' spam. Why go after just the spammers? Why don't you go after those who buy the services at the same time? If you make it almost impossible for the ones who buy the service to make a profit then the volume will probably drop to a level that is not as annoying for all.

The upside is that Yahoo is very good at recognizing spam. Over 95% is correctly labelled. Only recently has spam gotten into my inbox. The only thing I did was to click on 'spam' to help them recognize future mails that are similar. If your ISP has spam filters I highly recommend that you make use of the facility. You still have to check your spam folder, but, most of the time you can delete them without reading and save yourself a lot of clicking on the delete key. If your ISP does not offer this then use the junk mail tools that your mail package has to make your life easier.

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