Sunday, February 05, 2006

Linux and Canadian tax preparation software

Another tax season will soon be upon us and with that personal income taxes. Every year I keep checking to see if there will be any Linux bases tax software and every year I come away disappointed. My personal belief is that the tax companies think that there is not a large enough market and as a result are ignoring a completely untapped market.

They should be looking at this as an opportunity to take their software and break the Windows® dependecy. What sections of the code does not require windows and what does. From what I figure there are three very basic sections for the software. First if the database where you store the data, second is the calculation engine and the third is the presentation (and printing) engine. If you modularize the code so that only small specific sections in the modules are operating system specific then developing a package that will run on different operating systems is simplified.

The last thing you should think about. Linux runs on IBM mainframes and Windows® does not. Is there an opportunity to offer the software to corporations who can then offer the chance to do their taxes at work as a corporate benefit? Just a thought.

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