Monday, February 27, 2006

FTP server - oops

When I set up the FTP server I had a series of ids and passwords, not a problem. I recently used my main id to create a directory and files for a birthday, again not a problem. I used another machine and then used the admin id to verify that the files and again not a problem. Sister-in-law pointed out that she could see the file names but not the contents. Oops, I forgot to change the owner and permission flags to allow the various users and groups access to the files. It didn't show up as the admin id was the owner and only admin group could see the files, everyone was denied access.

That is a handy thing. I now know how to set up password protected files that only certain people can access even if everyone else can see the names of the files. I also learned how to set up an anonymous id with only read access to the files.

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