Friday, December 16, 2005

New Linux Distro Installed

I am trying a new distro on the machine at home. PCLinuxOS V0.92 was installed. It went smoothly taking about 1 hour on a 1GHz machine. It appears to be a stable as Mandriva and it comes on one CD. It also has everything that Mandriva has and the best part is that it is a livecd that you can try before installing.

There are a few things that I like.
  1. XMMS comes with the package. I prefer this app over Amarok.
  2. Kontact & KPilot work reliably with my palm pilot.
  3. It feels more responsive than Mandriva.
  4. System management has a similar look/feel to Mandriva.
  5. It automounts my USB memory stick and Harddrive like Mandriva.
  6. One CD vs three when installing.

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