Monday, December 19, 2005


I have now been playing with PCLinuxOS V0.92 for a week now. So far I like what I see. It is very easy to add/delete/update my system with the control centre. It is very much like Mandriva so that there is little change.

The only thing I had to do was to change from DHCP to Static IP as the P2P programs would not properly connect to the servers. I also had to make a firewall change. Once that was done I could start to download files without a problem.

There is still one problem. When I try to stream music through XMMS it won't connect and play. I have no problem with Realplayer or the MPlayer plugin. Realplayer is somewhat slow and skips at times when I am working which I don't like hearing. The MPlayer plugin to Firefox is nice, but, I have to keep the browser running. I probably will be going to the PCLinuxOS site later and see if anyone else has a problem like me.

A few fixes I had to make:
  1. Machine name changed from 'Localhost'. I had to manually tweak that. There is a setting somewhere, but, I have not found it yet.
  2. DHCP to Static IP for P2P to work properly.
  3. Firefox popus. I had to add a new 'Integer' for variable privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins and set it to a value of 2. I also set privacy.popups.policy to a value of 2. That seems to stop the popups.
  4. KDE uses CTRL-TAB CTRL-SHIFT-TAB to move between desktops. Firefox uses that to move between tabs. I had to change KDE so that I use that key combination for Firefox.

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