Thursday, September 22, 2005

State of spam

Well for the last two months the amount of spam I have been getting is on the decrease. I hope that this is a permanent trend. That said I don't think spam will be going away totally, the economics of it is too good for it to be totally eradicated. On the downside the spammers now have my Sympatico id. I have received about six spam and variants of the Nigerian scam letter. I have been letting Firefox flag these as spam and drop them into a spam folder. Later when I am bored I will go through them and purge them.

The phishing attempts have been dropping too. If you get an email that is an obvious phishing attempt check out the site that purported to send the email for an email address where you can forward it to. Why make these crooks lives easier? Have the companies and law enforcement agencies shut them down.

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