Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mail & Christmas cards - my rantings

This is not on the subject of Linux, but, on bulk mail that I get at home from not-for-profit organizations.

Let me be clear, I do support a number of not-for-profit entities financially with a fair amount of my money. Namely:
  • Alzheimers Society of Canada
  • Arthritis Society
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Cancer Research Society
  • Canadian Diabetes Society
  • Covenant House
  • Heart & Stroke - Ontario
  • Nepean Optimist club
  • Ottawa Civic Hospital foundation
  • Ottawa Humane Society
  • United Way
  • Victorian Order of Nurses
  • War Amps
  • Plus others that I can't remember offhand.

What gets me peeved is that I get a large number of unsolicited boxes of cards and labels. Just in the last two months I have received four boxes of cards and each box holds a dozen cards, several for mailing labels, one with a note pad and one with a pen enclosed. The labels are in sizes of approximately 50+. All of these except for one were directly addressed to me from organizations I current contribute to.

The problem is that I am giving to part of these charities my money and they are sending out materials that must cost them a fair bit of change to make and mail. That money could be used more productively going to what they are in business for. If they want they could send out a targetted solictitation for funds to existing donors and then have a check box that you can fill in if you give over $X for cards or personalized labels. One organization that does this is the war amps. You can check off a portion on the solicitation on if you want to receive personalized mailing labels.

I have hundreds of cards and labels that I have not used from prior years so I have a near-lifetime number of Christmas cards that I can mail out. Please stop, or better, ask me first before you send out the materials.

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