Monday, April 11, 2005

Server Outage - Part 2

It looks like it may be the server itself that had a problem. I put the 'defective' drive into my Linux box and it loaded up without a problem. I tried rebooting the server using Knoppix and the PS/2 mouse now does not work so I may have a failing box.

Again, not a problem as I have backups of all of my critical data on CD. Upside is the Linux box now has an additional 40GB of disk space and the server will now be strictly a printer server with limited file space.

I also forgot what a pain Window can be. Multiple reboots even for the simplest driver installations. The massive set of updates from Microsoft that needs to reboot. I spent more time rebooting the machine than reloading Windows. I hope the newer versions of Windows don't have this problem, I know I don't have these problems with Linux.

Basic server is running. Boots up nicely and the printer is now shareable only by the machines on my home network. I haven't installed ZoneAlarm as this machine may be given to a family member, instead I am trying the Sygate personal firewall. That way I can legally keep my copy of Zonealarm for the new server (if it is Windows based). Later today I should be re-installing the virus scanner and then the various spyware scanners.

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