Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Phishing Attempt

Another attempt to get personal information about me again. It failed as I don't use the bank in question.

  • Most companies won't ask you to rekey in personal information.
  • The link when you move your mouse over it won't be the same as what shows up as the text.
  • Never click on the link, go to your browser and either type in the URL (web link) or you have already bookmarked the company home page.
The bank did have a web site and an email address for phishing attempts. The note was forwarded to them and within five minutes I had a reply. This is quite fast and is an indicator that the business community is starting to be more aggressive in fighting this problem.

I have clipped the message, but, the name of the bank has been removed.

Dear client of [redacted] Bank,

Technical services of the [redacted] Bank are carrying out a planned software upgrade. We earnestly ask you to visit the following link to start the procedure of confirmation on customers data.

To get started, please click the link below:

[phony link redacted]

This instruction has been sent to all bank customers and is obligatory to fallow.

Thank you, Customers Support Service.

Update, I now have a second email purporting to be from the same bank asking me to rekey my personal information. The web link is a different one so the bank probably got the first link shut down.

For those who don't know me I work in the IT field as a consultant (16 years life insurance systems and 7 years in telecom data billing systems). When we do upgrades on the software we never ask the clients to update their information, that is part of the conversion plan for the software installation/upgrade.

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