Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ontario elections web site & twitter

Earlier today I saw an ad for the Ontario Elections web site in Twitter.  Being paranoid I didn't click on the link and navigated to the site and started the process to verify that I am registered.  With all of the various groups who can make something like legit there was absolutely no way I would click on that link.

I found the site easily enough at and I was happy to see the HTTPS, but, not all of the site was secure and I didn't get that nice little green lock icon.  When it navigated to the 'E-Registration' it did show the proper lock.  ALL the other pages after the main page showed the proper lock icon so there was something on the initial page that caused the issue.

Main Election Ontario page.

Start of the registration
Disclaimer page

When you click the 'Next' button it takes you to the check voter list page.

Check voter list

Once I filled in the information it presented me a page with my information.  I had an option to go back, confirm or update.

It is nice, fast and in 2 minutes I had confirmed my information and Jane's and we are good to vote in the June 7, 2018 Ontario provincial election.

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