Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Downloading my Twitter archive

With all of what is happening on Facebook and the privacy I was thinking about Twitter and getting a backup of what I can from that service.  I have downloaded my Google archives and Facebook and started to dig to see how to get Twitter.  It is fairly easy to find! 

I am doing this from my browser and not the app on my tablet or phone so it may be different there.  At the top right hand side this is your 'profile & setting' button to the left of the blue tweet button.  Towards the bottom there is a 'settings and privacy' option.  Once you select that you can scroll down until you see the button labelled 'Request your archive'.  Once you click on that it will pop up a screen that the request was received and you will receive an email with the link.  It will be interesting to see what is in that archive and also to have a backup of all of what I did there.

Main Twitter page where you start

Select Settings and Privacy

Popup when you request your archive

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