Saturday, December 03, 2016

Software and Tools - Office suite

This is the fifth blog on software.  This time I am focusing on 'office' suite software that I am using on my Linux machine.  The Office suite you use is a personal preference, or, it is imposed on you by the company you work for.  My personal preference is the Libre Office suite.  It is free, works very well in Linux for what I need it for and so far it handles all of my files from the office when I have to make changes and I don't have access to my work laptop.  My company supplied laptop has the Microsoft Office Suite as that is the corporate standard.

Android devices

The Android phone uses only the Google docs tools installed by default due to it being a low end phone, but, that is fine for me and what I need it for.  The Android tablet also uses the Google docs tools as I don't need or use a lot of high end functions.  The times I use the Google docs tools is when I need to make a quick edit to a document or spreadsheet I have on Google Drive.


This is where I do most of my serious work when doing documents.  I am not going to go into how each package works, just a quick intro to the two main tools I use and what it looks like.  So far I have not had any problems using documents from work in the suite.  It does look a bit different when rendering the documents, but, the basics are there and I can quickly do what I have to do and get it back to work.

Libre Office came pre-installed for me so that was a bonus.  If it isn't, you can use your package manager to install the software.  The main functions are Writer, Calc, Base, Draw, Impress and Math.  I normally use Writer and Calc and I have only used Impress once. 
Office suite menu

If you launch Libre Office the package will present you a number of options and the last set of files you were working on.  From there you can pick the file you were working on, open a file or create a new file.  Clean and simple screen that allows you to quickly do what you want to do.
Libre Office, what do you want to do
An alternative is when you are working in a document is to click on the file button at the top and then select new.  It will show you a list of items you can create.  The program presents you a short and simple list of things you can do.
What type of document to create
The look and feel of the suite is very similar and is similar to the Office suite in a way.  If you are not sure what to do you can hover the mouse over the icons at the top and a quick description is shown.  I have not modified what this looks like as right now the default works very well for me.
Writer blank document screen

Other office tools

At this time I don't use much else.  The only other two tools is a character select KCharSelect that came as part of KDE and a PDF viewer Okular.  I use Okular when I export out a spreadsheet from Calc for viewing on the phone.  I do this so that I can quickly see my DVD library on the phone to see if I have already bought that video and not having to open up the spreadsheet and accidentally make a change.


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