Monday, September 04, 2006

Upgrade to PCLinuxOS 0.93

Yesterday I upgraded my main machine from PCLinuxOS V0.92 to V0.93. As I thought I knew it all and quickly read the instructions I tried to follow the steps from memory and missed one of the steps. There is a step where you need to create a partition and mount it as /mnt/pclinuxos and I missed that. Everytime I finished the custom partition and it started to install it crashed. I finally read the docs and realized that I missed a step and it installed without a hitch.

Once I got the install going it took only about 10 minutes for the software to install and the machine was back up and running. It took longer for me to restore my backups for my profile, the FTP profile and my daughter's profile on this machine than to install the software.

I modified a few things from the default install:
  • Changed the sound from the Intel option (ALSA) to the OSS version. It seems to skip a bit less.
  • GPROFTPD installed so I can run the ftp server.
  • GAIM. I prefer this IM client.
  • SCRIBUS. We are playing with this as a replacement for MS Publisher which is running on a partition on the wife's machine.
  • JPilot. I prefer this over the KDE, personal preference and it is a simple clean interface for me.
  • Games. Installed a large chunk of the games as I will be sharing my machine with my daughter. She has her own machine, but, it is in her room and we will not allow her unsupervised net access so she has an id set up in the office and we can watch her while working.
I like the new transparent options on the desktop and I am using them right now. The task bar at the bottom is not as 'intrusive' visually. There are a lot more games that you can install and the wife is now seriously looking at this distribution over the Mandriva that she is running.

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