Monday, January 30, 2017

Learned how to install TTF fonts not in PCLINUX

I use a twitter client CoreBird and it works almost perfectly.  The only issue is that it wouldn't display some of the emoji characters.  I checked around and it was missing the SYMBOLA TTF library.  I checked PCLINUXOS and it wasn't in the repository.  My next task was to figure out where it was and then download and then how to install the font.

The download was easy and I had a copy of the font in ZIP format.  The next task wasn't as easy, but, a quick Google search found me a link with instructions.  I followed it and created a local directory in my profile and ran the command fc - cache -fv in a terminal window.  I did it that way as I didn't want to mess around with system folders and if I screwed up it was fast and easy to remove it from my user account.  With the instructions it was easy and when I shut down CoreBird and restarted I could see the emoji displayed properly.

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