Friday, June 08, 2012

Cutting Cable and going web for TV

We have cut our cable TV as the prices our cable provider charges keep going up and the quality of what is available in my not-so-humble opinion is going down.  Our cable provider told us they are moving a number of channels to digital and if we want to get them we must rent a digital converter.  The problem is that most of the shows are repeats and in a 30 minute show there is about 10+ minutes of commercials.

I am now in the process of building and testing a Linux box that will replace what cable TV offered us.  I am finding a number of sites that offer streaming movies for free and they are legal!  When I was searching for sites I found a lot of them offering movies, but, seeing the titles I know that they were pirated and I will not support those sites.  I want to find sites that offer legit movies for preferably free (or if they are in Canada a minimal charge).  The sites I did find even offer children show shows so our grandkids will have educational shows when they visit us.

The money I am saving will be used to buy DVDs to build up our movie library.  The bonus is that we pick the day and time of movies and can pause them if we need to restock on munchies or take a break.

The only thing I have had to buy is a wireless network card ( a DLINK USB card).  On my first test using PCLINUX it detected the card, found our network and prompted me to enter our key in to allow access to the network. 

The next test is to move the machine down into the living room, hook it up and run the machine.  I haven't decided if we will be using Firefox or Chrome for the browser stuff, but, I am not picky there as they both worked well in the test.

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