Saturday, September 17, 2011

Telemarketing Scammers

Not a linux or PC topic, but, I have been getting a lot of telemarketing companies calling me.  Since I am on the DNCL (Do Not Call list)  I keep telling the telemarketer to add me to their do-not-call list.  Obviously they are scammers and don't add me to their list and continue calling me.  I do a little bit of homework looking up their calls and when I see where they are from it is almost obvious they are forging the caller id information.  Several of the calls came from out west and the location has at most 100 houses and not a call center.  I keep filling in the complaint form on the DNCL web site, but, since caller id is forged it is an exercise in futility.  The last call came from 999-910-0221.  If you know anything about area codes then you know that 999 is an impossible value.  I found a spot on the CRTC web site and I filled in a question on why they have not launched an effort to stop caller id forging.

It is at the point now that I cannot trust the caller id information until I hear the voice on the other end.  If it is a co-worker, family or friend then it is not a problem.  For not-for-profits I keep telling them to send me a pledge form in the mail as I cannot trust caller id anymore and just because the name/number shown is for the charity I cannot believe that!  I never give out my credit card information to anyone over the telephone.

If you are in Canada I would suggest that you send the CRTC a short note requesting that they start a discussion with the telephone companies about this problem.  We are paying for a service, but, cannot trust it as scammers/spammers have hijacked the system and are forging telephone numbers that show on the caller id.  If you are in the USA You may want to check the FTC to see what can be done there.

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