Monday, April 14, 2008

OS & Browser stats

It has been a while where I posted my stats on what O/S and browsers people are using to see this blog and my gardening blog. It is not surprising that on this blog that Windows and IE are not very popular, but, the gardening blog does show that Windows and IE are not the only game in town. For the gardening blog 16% of people are not using Windows and 38% are not using IE.

One strange result in the gardening blog is that someone is using 'Google 5' as their browser.

Linux blog Gardening

Linux 31.3 2.0
Mac 2.0 11.0
OS/2 24.2
Unknown 2.0 3.0
Windows 41.3 84.0


Firefox 70.0 26.0
IE 20.0 62.0
Konqueror 2.0
Mozilla 4.0 2.0
Netscape 1.0 2.0
Safari 3.0 7.0

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