Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yahoo message board changes

Yesterday Yahoo changed over their message board formats to the new format. It was quite a surprise in that I didn't see any announcements that this would be happening any time soon. Many users of the board that I follow are less than impressed with the new layout. The old layout was easy to follow if you wanted to see what was posted in chronological order. The new board by default shows the messages by topic group sorted by date.

The other change is from 'recs' to 'ratings' and this is not too much of a change to handle. I normal prioritize the rating of the messages as what to read first, then who writes the message as the second criteria so going from 'recs' to 'ratings' is not too bad.

One thing I would like back is the old layout for quickly seeing the postings. The work-around right now is using the search capability and don't enter anything for a criteria.

A number of people said that they won't be back and that is sad. It is going to take us a while to get used to the new format, but, I am willing to wait-and-see how it works out.

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