Saturday, July 09, 2005

New variant of 'Phishing'

By now most of you may have heard of the term phishing. Well there is now a new and more dangerous variant that is being termed 'spear phishing'. This is a more troubling development as it is harder to recognize and guard against. This email is more selective of its target and will appear as if it came from within your corporate email system. The attack itself can be a program attached to the email, a Word document. Once they get in they can then use your machine to gain access to other systems within your business.

  • Be suspicious of email attachments.
  • If the mail asks you for rekeying of confidential information (like your ID & Password) never use the attached link. Go to your browser and go to your corporate site yourself. Check with the security people before doing this if you are as paranoid as I am.
  • Never give confidential information to a stranger.
You can get more phishing information at network world.

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