Sunday, March 27, 2005

Unintended testing of Linux Recovery

Looks like my 15 inch monitor on the work machine blew. Dead and no response. I even when hooked up to the server to see if it was the monitor or the video card.

When I get a new monitor I will be finding out how well Linux handles a less than controlled shutdown as I couldn't see the results of my keying a shutdown. I obviously screwed up the keystroke sequence as the machine didn't power down as expected. It was an old monitor (1998) so it is not a major loss, but, the video card I have in the work machine won't handle the 17 inch monitor that is on the server. It may be an excuse to buy a 'new' video card for the machine too.

On the upside at least I have the server I can use for a day or two. I don't like it using the server this way, but, I need my internet fix.

Lesson learned ->
  • Write down the keystrokes required to do a controlled shutdown when I don't have a monitor.
  • Find out where I can safely dispose of old electronics rather than putting it into the garbage.

Monday I will be looking at a new monitor and doing a recovery of what I had in progress.

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